1) Add by URL

If you know the feed URL of the Podcast, you can just add the Podcast by URL:

Click menu File -> Add Podcast by URL…, then enter the URL and click OK button.

This way can only add Podcast one by one

2) Import Podcasts from OPML file

The easist way to add multiple Podcasts at once is to import from OPML file, which you exported from other Podcast app.

To import OPML in Mame Cast, you could click menu File -> Import Podcasts from OPML, choose the OPML file and click button Import.

After parsed the OPML file, Mame Cast will try to refresh the data of Podcasts.

3) Search Podcast from iTunes library

You can also search Podcasts from Apple’s iTunes library:

Click menu View -> Discovery to switch to Discovery category, enter some keywords in the search field, Mame Cast will list the search results below, then click Subscribe button of the Podcast you interested.

If search results are empty for some keywords, then you may need to enter the entire name of the Podcast.