In Mame Cast v1.16, we added new mini player modes.

Please note the new mini player feature only available on macOS 11.0+.

Make mini player float

When you right-click on Mame Cast’s menu bar icon, mini player popover will popup, and you can then drag it to make it a float window.

Mini player modes

You can choose mini player mode from menu bar menu, there are 3 modes of mini player:

  1. Large mini player large

  2. Medium mini player medium

  3. Small mini player small mini player small


  • Handoff support for switching to current playing episode
  • Make mini player window floatable
  • New mini player size modes(available on macOS 11+)
  • Swipe to Favorite
  • Adapt category icon color for macOS 11+


  • Now playing does not display episode information properly