Play audio

Double click an episode to start play it in Mame Cast.

when an episode is selected, press ⌘ + ⏎ (command + enter) will also trigger a play action.

When an episode is playing, you will see Playback Panel in the left-bottom corner from main window.

Playback Panel shows basic information about the playing, from top to bottom the information will be:

  • Podcast artwork
  • Episode title
  • Podcast title
  • Playing progress(left label is played duration, right label is remaining)

playing audio

When you move the cursor above the titles area, Mame Cast will show the controls instead, from left to right the controls means:

  • Output device
  • Backward 10 seconds
  • Play/Pause
  • Forward 30 seconds
  • Volume control

playing controls

Play video

When playing a video episode, you will get a video display inside the Playback Panel.

A popup button will be shown on the right-top corner when the cursor moved to video area, click the button will popup video display to full window size.

Double click inside the video will also popup/contract the display

playing video

To back to contract state, click the contract button on the right-top corner.

Press ⎋ (esc) will also trigger contract video action

playing video popup

Play next style

You can choose how to play next episode in the playlist by setting Play Next Style in Preferences -> Playback.

Currently supported styles:

  • None (will not play next after an episode played)
  • All (will play next one by one according current sorting order until no episodes in playlist)
  • Remaining (will play next one by one from current playing to the bottom)
  • Same Podcast (will only play next episode if its Podcast the same as currently playing)
  • Random (will shuffle play next one by one despite the order)