Record Transcriptions

First, keep transcript window open when recording transcriptions. Click menu Window -> Show Transcript Window to show transcript window, move cursor over the window will show you some basic information, the button on the top center is the record button, it is off by default.

transcript Window

Click the record button will start transcriptions recording, the button will turnned to red and stay on the top center of the window.

transcript recording

Note: 1) the transcript window must keep open when recording, once you close the window, recording will be stopped automatically. 2) Mame Cast recording transcriptions by sequences sentences, only when one sequence transcriptions completed, it will be saved to the database.

Edit Saved Transcriptions

To manage transcriptions, click menu View -> Transcriptions.

transcription window

The saved transcriptions grouped by episode in sidebar, click on an episode will show you the whole recorded transcriptions of that episode.

transcription display

Note: You can not edit transcriptions when selecting an episode, you can only edit transcription one by one under the episode.

Under each episode, you will see a list of recorded transcription sequences, its title is the start time position of the episode when it was recorded.

transcription editing

When a transcription sequence is selected, the Edited text area will turnned to be able to edit, you can edit the transcription compared with right side of original recorded transcription.

Export Transcriptions

Mame Cast will export the edited transcriptions to a .txt file.

You can select an episode in sidebar, and click export on the toolbar to export all the transcriptions recorded of the episode.

Or you can also select a single transcription under the episode to only export that transcription alone.

transcription export